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All the people talk about it!I was curious to see the place.Finally it was as I thought!I recommend it!THE BEST MENS PLACE ! ???❗️❗️❗️

Gournes #3,089 rating: 5/5

Ιδιαίτερες γεύσεις σε ένα μενού που κρατά τον ουρανίσκο σε εγρήγορση.εξαιρετικο και το service .Πρώτες ύλες φρεσκοτατες.κατ... read more

Analipsi #3,032 rating: 5/5

Try all that you can and you will be amazed from the quality of the food and the wine also. The prices are very low and the service is great! Try falafel and mushroom burger!

Athens #2,962 rating: 5/5

Non lo consiglio agli italiani . La musica di sabato è un stile rap greco e internazionale mix in maniera casuale con molti spazi a musica greca stile nostri cartoni animati. Inizia verso le 4 musica decente. La cosa po... read more

Thessaloniki #2,881 rating: 1/5

Coloroul handmade clothes,shoes and accesoriesthat you can find in symi chorio. The shop is in the top of kali strata opposite taverna. A beautiful shop wait you.

#2,802 rating: 5/5

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Loutraki #2,796 rating: 5/5

Ask local sellers for the extra virgin olive oil. Collected and produced locally in the visinity of Agios Thomas at Tanagra municipality. Also availliable at the neibouring villages

Agios Thomas #2,783 rating: 5/5

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